Refurbished Systems


mts800 refurbished

  • Steering head BK-990.01
  • Mixed ground cutting disc MCD-990
  • Steering head skin BAWH-990/1220
  • Mixed ground cutting disc MCD-1220

mts2860 TBM - refurbished

  • Type: Mixed Ground and Rock
  • Excavation Mode: EPB Mode and Open Mode
  • Shield mts2860
  • Gas Monitoring System
  • Screw and Belt Conveyor
  • Erector and Segment Transport Hoist
  • Back-Up Trailer

mts2400 refurbished

  • Steering head BK-H-3040
  • Mixed ground cutting disc MCD-3040
  • Jacking Unit PS-HT-12000kN-3040
  • Power Pack Container VC-20.03-L4